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Go from survive to thrive. Through one-on-one sessions, we identify and explore the underlying issues connected to addictions and mental health. As a Certified Behavioural Therapist with ten years of experience in the BC Medical System, patients gain the tips, techniques, and support to stay on the road to recovery and avoid relapse. Learn more about the holistic and personalized approach offered for addictions counselling and other areas of focus:

Addictions Counselling

Mike offers addictions counselling in Vancouver, collaboratively working to get to the root of substance abuse. Gain the tools and support necessary to remain accountable and reduce the risk of relapse.

Grief Counselling

Loss is life-changing. For those facing the death of a child, partner, relative, or friend, Mike provides guidance and support, teaching individuals to grieve in healthy ways that honour your loss, life, and family.

Spiritual Health

For individuals looking for meaning and greater awareness of self, spiritual counselling is an explorative journey to uncover the deeper meaning behind your life.

Mental Toughness

Tired of feeling overwhelmed or frustrated? Build up the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills necessary to navigate stress and proactively manage hardship.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is about identifying and developing individual talents and competencies so you can more effectively lead and guide others.

Life Coaching

It’s time to live your best life. For those working toward a greater sense of wellness and fulfillment, life coaching is a broad practice that gets you from where your are to where you want to be.

Counselling in Vancouver

Mike’s Philosophy & Approach

Everyone can live their dreams. We all deserve to feel happy, healthy and loved. Before starting my practice, I worked with counsellors who helped me recover from additions. As a patient, I began to understand what worked—and what didn’t. After my recovery, nearly 15 years ago, I became a Registered Behavioural Therapist and began working in addictions counselling in the hope I could guide others toward sobriety and a better life.

Working in the hospital system has taught me a fundamental truth—pain is the culprit behind most addictions and mental trauma. Beginning the healing process, whether it’s managing addictions or grief, is about understanding and addressing this root trauma. From there, it’s possible to move forward and build the skills necessary to thrive and excel. Inner Calm Outer Power is a book for people ready to embark on their own journey of healing and self-fulfillment. I wrote it as a starting point toward a life where reality is reconciled with your greatest purpose and aspirations.

I believe that in counselling, there can be no hidden agenda or deceit. Complete commitment is required to move forward. A counsellor is a giver, someone who facilitates healing for those in need of advice and guidance. After my recovery, I earned my certificate in Behavioural Cognitive Therapy and began working as an addictions counsellor in the BC medical system. After ten years, I decided it was time to create a business that leveraged everything I experienced and learned. I have since participated in countless workshops and courses, including advanced courses in leadership and counselling.

It has been 15 years since I began my journey. Whether you’re working towards sobriety, peace, or empowerment, I would be honoured to act as your guide. From addictions counselling to leadership and life coaching, I have created a series of impactful and holistic programs that leverage what I learned as a counsellor and a patient. I invite you to reach out and schedule a free 30-minute discussion to talk about your goals.

Inner Calm Outer Power
My Sober Life


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