Addictions Counselling in Vancouver: Using Cognitive Behavioural to Reinforce Therapy

addictions counselling in Vancouver

People are so full of potential, but sometimes we all need help. For those living in Vancouver or Surrey and struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, I am pleased to offer a new program for addiction counselling in Vancouver. Even though COVID is in a lull at the moment, pandemic-related strains and economic stress have triggered a mental health crisis at a time when resources are scarce and there are long waits to see doctors and other specialists.

It’s a perfect storm. Those of us in health care have seen a growing trend of people making unhealthy choices, namely using alcohol and substances more frequently or in higher dosages.

CBT and Addictions Counselling in Vancouver 

For people ready to quit, there are several options. As a psychological-based program, evidence from numerous large-scale trials and quantitative reviews has shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is effective as both a standalone or combination treatment. For those working with a doctor, CBT increases the chances of success by adding an extra layer of support and accountability throughout the treatment. As a standalone measure, CBT helps patients unlearn maladaptive behaviours. Based on personalized needs, I create holistic programs that patients with the people and resources necessary to support individual recovery.

We know stress is on the rise. We feel it every day. The rub is many us don’t know how to manage this stress, so substance abuse and alcohol become coping strategies, even though we all understand the danger.

As a Certified Behavioural Therapist and recovered addict, I’ve created a one-on-one intensive program for people ready to break free. I’ve based these programs on my own experience and refined the techniques I found most impactful when working towards my recovery. It’s been ten years since I became a Certified Behavioural Therapist and started working in the BC Hospital System. Since then, I have successfully collaborated to help hundreds of outpatients end harmful addiction cycles. These programs are a culmination of my experience and training–created to support those ready to take back their lives.  

Together, we will work to identify and understand triggers, develop new coping strategies, and even design a comprehensive after-care plan. Most importantly, all patients feel fully supported with access to 24-7 emergency support if a crisis occurs. 

There is no approved medication that can offer instant recovery from addiction– it’s a process. However, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, whether in tandem with medical treatment or as a standalone treatment, is an effective behavioural-based intervention. It helps people to unlearn maladaptive behaviours. Through programs that offer encouragement and promote accountability, my approach to addictions counselling can help overcome addictions and substance abuse—and reduce the chances of relapse.

Tailored Programs for Everyone

Addictions recovery is never a one-size-fits-all solution, but no one has to face the journey alone. Learn more about addictions counselling in Vancouver and Surrey, and how I can tailor my program to your specific needs. I invite you to schedule a free half-hour discovery call. Learn more, discuss challenges, and find out if we’re a fit.

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