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Addiction is a complex disease. It can damage families, relationships, and careers. Common symptoms include loss of control, continued use despite consequences, habit fixation, isolation, and loneliness. Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), we can find connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions and create a holistic plan for personal recovery.

Addiction Counselling Online

For those seeking addiction counselling in Vancouver, cognitive behavioural therapy has successfully helped individuals cope with various issues: alcohol, street drugs, smoking, gambling, food, overspending, and more.

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Support & Aftercare

Make Recovery a Reality:
Online Addiction Counselling in Vancouver

Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, patients gain insight into their addiction, external and internal triggers, and behavioural patterns. As sessions progress, we work collaboratively to identify the insecurities and false beliefs often lurking behind substance abuse. As a therapist and recovered addict, we continue to drill down, exploring the tools, resources, and skills necessary to overcome addictions, with plenty of one-on-one support. All clients receive a 24-hour emergency contact number and a comprehensive aftercare plan based on individual needs.

Delving deeper into past experiences gives participants a new life perspective. While the base plan focuses on addictions, subsequent plans offer more insight and personal growth, along with more frequent check-in to keep participants accountable and reduce the risk of relapse.

With time, patients become more adept at day-to-day tasks, work, relationships and self-care. With the right tools and support, addictions counselling works to break negative cycles for a more productive, fulfilling life. Together, we can make it happen.

Essential Addiction Counselling Plan

(one month)

8 2-hour bi-weekly sessions dedicated to addiction and root causes, including:

Plus Addiction Counselling Plan

(two months)

16 2-hour bi-weekly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential Package, plus:

Extended Addiction Counselling Plan

(four months)

32 2-hour bi-weekly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential and Plus Package, and:


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