Leadership Coaching Vancouver

Leadership Coaching in Vancouver

Gain the high power management skills to succeed in any organization. Leadership coaching provides a safe space to discuss goals, emerging issues, concerns, and personal challenges. For leaders ready to level up, enhance communication, and unlock untapped potential in organizations and members, leadership coaching is a powerful practice that brings leadership style and individual talents into alignment.

Leadership Coaching for Everyone

Command and control management is a thing of the past. Leadership coaching is for organizational leaders ready to unleash new levels of innovation, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment.

A unique approach to leadership coaching




Leadership Coaching:
An Intensive One Month

Leadership coaching is designed for leaders who want to refine and keep their edge. Through progressive sessions, we collaborate to develop individual talents and competencies to make leadership and mentoring a more productive, intuitive process that feels more natural over time. 

Through a proprietary one-month leadership intensive that may consist of 10, 15, or 30 sessions, participants get personalized feedback that supports individual goals and agendas. Takeaways include benefits such as enhanced performance, empowerment, a fresh perspective, better confidence, and greater life satisfaction–at home and work. 

Over time, participants learn how to cultivate a growth mindset, leverage personal strengths, and build up executive presence–their professional brand. As a unique one-month intensive, my course for leadership coaching in Vancouver business allows business leaders to gain the significant and sustained growth necessary to inspire, lead, and work more collaboratively and productively.

Essential Leadership Coaching

(ten sessions)

10 1-hour sessions 3 times a week for 1 month:

Plus Leadership Coaching

(fifteen session)

15 1-hour sessions, every other day for 1 month, includes everything in Essentials plus:

Extended Leadership Coaching

(thirty sessions)

30 1-hour sessions every day for 1 month: includes everything in the Essential and Plus packages and:


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