Mental Toughness

Develop the ability to perform under stress and pressure. Mental toughness isn't an overnight fix. By collaborating one-on-one, we can develop the mindful habits necessary to build the grit, perseverance, and passion key to unlocking our dreams and long-term goals.

Mental Toughness for the Win

For those working towards a long-term goal, building up mental toughness starts with defining small milestones, building routines around consistency and determination–and always staying accountable.

Developing mental toughness




Working towards mental toughness

For goal achievement and managing daily pressures, we all need mental toughness. More than natural talent or smarts, it’s grit, passion, and perseverance that drive us forward as human beings. Through mental toughness sessions, participants gain the mentorship, tools, and accountability necessary to push through and achieve long-term goals, whether they’re personal or professional.

Mental toughness isn’t about courage, talent, intelligence, or genes–nor is it some innate ability. Mental toughness is about focus and habits. It’s about levelling up a little each day through healthy routines based around individual goals. 

Mentally tough people don’t flake, skip practice, workouts, or assignments. With the right coaching and routines, mental toughness sessions provide the extra push we sometimes need to achieve extraordinary goals. No dream is out of reach–it just takes a plan.

Essentials Mental Toughness Plan

(ten sessions)

10 2-hour bi-weekly sessions dedicated to building up mental toughness, including:

Plus Mental Toughness Plan

(fifteen sessions)

15 2-hour bi-weekly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential Package, plus:

Extended Mental Toughness Plan

(thirty sessions)

30 2-hour bi-weekly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential and Plus Package, and:


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