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Spiritual Counselling

Make the ultimate wellness investment. By working one-on-one, spiritual counselling brings insight to those seeking clarity and connection. Spiritual health is not religious but often about soul alignment. By investing in our spiritual health, we gain more clarity around everyday choices, so our actions become more aligned with our beliefs and values. Feel better, stronger, and more at peace with decisions.​

Spiritual Counselling & Soul Alignment

Want to feel more at peace with life? Spiritual counselling is a one-on-one approach that offers participants a safe space to grow spiritual health, cultivate inner peace, and find hope and comfort, even during the most troubling times.

Online Sessions for Spiritual Health




Spiritual Counselling For Greater Health and Life Quality

Spirituality can be looked at in many different ways. For some, it is religious–but many of see spirituality in the sense of connecting to something greater. It is an opportunity to feel more satisfied and whole within ourselves.

Spiritual therapy is a holistic exploration of self that allows clients to achieve greater balance and reconnect with a higher power, whatever that means on an individual basis. Through spiritual therapy, we can clarify our thoughts and feelings. It is an explorative practice that focusses on spirit, mind, and body for growth and healing.

Whether it’s resolving conflicts of belief, resolving trauma of a religious upbringing, or simple self-investment, spiritual counselling is a profound journey of inner alignment where we work collaboratively to affirm, explore, and gain overall peace.

Essential Spiritual Counselling Plan

(one session)

One 2-hour session dedicated to understanding what spirituality mean to you:

Support Spiritual Counselling Plan

(six sessions)

Six 2-hour monthly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential Package, plus:

Extended Spiritual Counselling Plan

(twelve sessions)

Twelve 2-hour bi-monthly sessions, which includes everything in the Essential and Plus Package, and:


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